SMK Danish Art + Toy Warz BYOB Remix

Art While attending the Open Data Days hackathon at the Copenhagen Business School, I joined the BYOB remixing event in collaboration with the National Gallery of Denmark, as well as working on an energy app for the Gatesense. The point was to use some of the artwork from SMK, and remix it into a new and


Transmedia Zurich: World Building Basics and Prototyping

For the Transmedia Zurich Meetup in December I gave a presentation on World Building. A truly fascinating topic,


The Pirate Room: 5 Key Elements

The Pirate Room is a place of reflection, of ideation, of brainstorming, of prototyping, of building. I built up a pirate room in my house because I found it essential to have a place to work. Not an office with a desk and computer, but with…purpose. A place for ideas to flow, to have space

The Pirate Room

The Pierogi Project: Test 1

It’s always interesting to spend Christmas in Michigan. Generally I take on some sort of self-archeology project, like digging through my old toys and building up the Toy Warz photo series, but this year I’m revisiting the Pierogi Project, a documentation of how my mom makes Pierogi. Pierogi are these fantastic potato based dumplings, with


The City Whispers – Rome Graffiti

A gladiator on his way to work with a trolly bag, a Bratz doll posing on a pay phone, and pigtailed silhouette dropping a Swastika into a track can. Those are the images floating through my mind when I think of Rome in the August of 2009. I was in the city to photograph a


Stolperstein – Location Stories

I usually end up in Berlin about once a year, either for a conference or to enjoy the


2nd Transmedia Zurich Meetup – Narrative and Story in Games and Media

The second Transmedia Zurich ( meet up took place on June 27th, with a focus on Narrative and Story Structure in Games and Media at CoLab Zurich. We had Matthias Sala from Gbanga, who gave some awesome insight into mixed reality game development and nonlinear plot development, while I talked about classic story structure, including


1st Transmedia Zurich Meetup – LA to San Francisco

When I took a sabbatical as a doctoral student I went to Toyko for 3 months. When I was taking a sabbatical as an entrepreneur earlier this year, the destination was Los Angeles and San Francisco to learn about transmedia storytelling in California. I put together a little summary of my experience at the 2013


Swiss Train Passenger Perspective Landscapes

If you live in Switzerland and have no car you ride the trains a lot. It’s one reason


The City Whispers – New York Graffiti

In April of 2013 I had the presence of mind to fly to New York. This wasn’t an

New York

Stencil Bastards II – Zurich

The Stencil Bastards II show is currently going on (12. July – 30. August 2013) in Zurich and it’s well worth checking out. Featured artists include: C215, M-City, Epsylon Point, Stf Moscato, Snub23, Penny, Czarnobyl, Pisa 73, Stew, 9Periodico and Zibe. Curated by Christian Guemy, the show is hosted by the Starkart Gallery, which is an excellent venue for


Bumblebee Quadrocopter for Trail Running Films

I was putting together ideas for a trail running short film project with some friends, and naturally my mind gravitated towards the ideas of picking up a quadrocopter to get some nice aerial shots of us running in the Swiss Alps. Given that I live in Switzerland where these things are expensive, and my budget

Swiss Trail Running - Mt Santis

The City Whispers – Paris Graffiti

After the Viking Startup bus drove into Paris and I pitched Amordomus on stage with the team at


The City Whispers – San Diego Graffiti

I’ve been to San Diego various times, mainly to speak about smart materials (active fiber composites) or to

San Diego

The City Whispers – Los Angeles Graffiti

While visiting a friend to talk about designing energy efficient solar powered boats I took a few hours to check out the graffiti in Los Angeles near Little Tokyo. I started at Union Station and walked down Alameda street. Around 4th street (before and after) you start to find murals on the buildings and can

Los Angeles