Experiments in 3D Scanning with the Structure Sensor

I first got into 3D scanning with the Microsoft Kinect V1, but when I saw the Structure Sensor

3D Scanning

Toy Warz: Monster High and Team Fortress 2

Every time I spend time in Michigan I pull out a bunch of toys from the basement and


Stencil Experiment: Samuel Beckett

Building on my exploration of stencil art, I played around with a portrait of Samuel Beckett. I searched


Stencil Experiment: Dr. Boltzmann

Since I learned about stencil street art on my last trip to Berlin I’ve been tossing some project


Swiss Trail Running – Alpstein

My head was exhausted and I needed an escape. My UX flows for lostinreality were past due and I

Swiss Trail Running - Mt Santis

The Language of Man II – Tangible Virtual Reality Art

I attended the opening of Language of Man II at the knoerle & baettig gallery in Winterthur and it


My First Street Art Experiment

Graffiti and street art have been a small fascination of mine since I started touring cities in Europe.


SMK Danish Art + Toy Warz BYOB Remix

Art While attending the Open Data Days hackathon at the Copenhagen Business School, I joined the BYOB remixing


Transmedia Zurich: World Building Basics and Prototyping

For the Transmedia Zurich Meetup in December I gave a presentation on World Building. A truly fascinating topic,


The Pirate Room: 5 Key Elements

The Pirate Room is a place of reflection, of ideation, of brainstorming, of prototyping, of building. I built

The Pirate Room

The Pierogi Project: Test 1

It’s always interesting to spend Christmas in Michigan. Generally I take on some sort of self-archeology project, like


The City Whispers – Rome Graffiti

A gladiator on his way to work with a trolly bag, a Bratz doll posing on a pay


Stolperstein – Location Stories

I usually end up in Berlin about once a year, either for a conference or to enjoy the


2nd Transmedia Zurich Meetup – Narrative and Story in Games and Media

The second Transmedia Zurich (www.transmediazh.ch) meet up took place on June 27th, with a focus on Narrative and


1st Transmedia Zurich Meetup – LA to San Francisco

When I took a sabbatical as a doctoral student I went to Toyko for 3 months. When I