Statement is a purpose, and Art has none. I got into painting because I like to create things in real time, and sometimes Photoshop takes too long to realize an idea. I sort of take the Gonzo inspiration of Hunter S. Thompson, and mix it up with influences from Basquiat and Malcolm X. I start with blank canvases and little idea of a direction, and let the energy of the moment take a course for me. I realize how simplistic and devoid of depth this sounds, but it’s just the way I go about painting. I like large canvases, nothing smaller than 80x100cm (of course, this is small for some other people). It feels good to throw some paint around, to mix colors on the spot, and to trust in the energy of the moment, and over the course of the event, watch a painting evolve. At the moment I like using latex paint, rollers, some brushes, and manga markers.

lazy art number 3lazy art number one

laze art number 2

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