The best part of visiting your old home in Michigan when you live in Switzerland is getting the chance to taste the flavors that you can’t get in Europe. Although I didn’t hit up Taco Hell I did sautée Buffalo. Many people think I’m a vegetarian, possibly because I usually talk about chick peas and tofu curry when the topic of food comes up. The truth is I’m an omnivore (minus the fois gras) and buffalo is the only meat I really like to eat. I don’t hunt them in the wild and pull out their warm hearts to set their spirits free, but I do cook them with onions and whiskey.

Essential ingredient

First I sautée the onions in Plugra. Plugra is like the most awesome stuff to sautée in. It’s basically a high priced butter from Europe, something like a Western version of Ghee, but those in-the-know might correct me and it might just be over priced clarified butter. Plugra doesn’t need to be refrigerated and melts on contact with any heated thing.


Next drop in the buffalo, break up the meat and add whiskey. American or Canadian whiskey is needed, none of that blended foolishness from the islands.

Add sauce

Add barbecue sauce near the end. I also use Detroit Greek Town seasoning, meant to invoke the flavors of the Greek-ethnic restaurant/casino part of Detroit. The food from Greek Town is so good that it rivals the offerings I found in Athens. The seasoning is a bit of a gimick, but I use it anyways.

Add sauce

It helps to wear a tie and aviator sunglasses. Take your picture in front of dried New Mexico peppers if possible.

What to wear

Serve in a warm pita with yogurt cheese. Eat while watching Sex and the City or a comparable DVD like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off or Malcolm X, the Road Warrior would also be a good choice.

Up close

Before heading back to Europe be sure to follow up by heading to the shooting range and popping off 200+ rounds of .22 ammo from your bolt-action rifle; because, to my current knowledge doing that in Zurich is as rare as finding buffalo in a Swiss food store.

Cooking United States Buffalo Whiskey

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