The End

The concept of killing my blog has been rolling around inside my head as of late.

If nothing is changed and nothing else mattered, then what was the point.

In general, there should be points to things, motivations, reasons – and without such constructs there’s only madness and chaos.

I killed by blog but have had another thought.

It will be rebuilt, stronger, faster, more focused, perhaps with a purpose, something like Steve Austin.

In truth, the old purpose was as a replacement for journal writing, and to explore the possibilities of the internet.  I did all of that and more or less it seemed to work.  But it was conceived of and executed as a chaotic experiment, at some point, you have to stop and wonder why?

The thing is – blogs can quickly turn into addictive and foul contraptions of humanity.  When you have one of these things they can take up a large amount of time and deflect attention from things in life that are far more important.

And therefore, this thing as it is now is coming to an end. What comes next is unclear, but if you’re looking for new free content to wrap you head around, check out my side project KlugMat – a portal and soon to be vault of smart materials and biomedical technology information.

2 thoughts on “The End

  1. Andrea says:

    Mark, I'll miss your writing. Smart materials are cool but not quite as interesting. I hope you will start writing something else, one day.

  2. Blogs are a nice, productive way to drink coffee in the morning. Or kill downtime at work.
    You’re right, life is far more important.

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