The Blog Reformed – Reborn – Refocused

The mind works fast when you think of killing your blog, and in my head it has been rebuilt.  Rebuilt for focus, purpose, not a rambling collection of things that I just throw up to make things seem more interesting in my life.  Not a news posting service of my life, that’s what emails and letters are for, but a platform to continue exercising my writing and creativity muscles.

The Basic Focus will be:

Travel and Photography

These are not random topics, it’s what I do when I’m not engineering, and hence the most natural choices for a blog niche.  Besides, many other people like to travel and make photos, so it seems like a good thing to share this ability with the rest of the world.

Travel will mean writing about trips in Europe and Switzerland, well, and anywhere else I find interesting to explore.  This is convenient since I’m flying to Japan at the end of August.

Topics about traveling in Switzerland will revolve around day and night trips.  Day trips in Switzerland mean climbing and mountaineering.  Night trips imply the underground scene, clubs and the flavor of the night found here.

Photography and writing are hard for me to avoid, and will have a place here as well.  Flash technique and writing work-flow ramblings will find their way onto the blog.  A random Search Engine Optimization (SEO) post or the application of what I’ve learned from the internet and how it applies to life might be written as well.

No doubt there will also be more general things like book reviews, the occasional political analysis, fashion, and tips on being creative and acquiring the tools you need to do the things you want to in life.

This means that a large number of posts from the archives have disappeared overnight, as if they never existed.  Google will be confused at first, but the update of the sitemap will lead to a gradual forgetting of these posts, which will be fragmented and devoured by time.

In the mean-time, side projects like and Miris Photography will also develop, the digital age is a scary place, but once you begin to understand it, the possibilities of putting art and engineering in the hands of the people is a crazy but exciting prospect.

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