Dancing with Water & Urban Affairs – Ethan Oelman Zurich Show

Dancing with Water & Urban Affairs, a show by Zurich photographer Ethan Oelman at *Galerie 16b. I’m planning to visit the Vernissage. I’ve assisted Ethan on one of his water shoots and made a companion video with the material called Birth-Kraft (http://vimeo.com/18276591) and also an interview where Ethan explains the background of his Dancing with Water project (http://vimeo.com/20802817), so I’m looking forward to seeing the images in a gallery setting.

It’s raining in Zurich today, so it should be a perfect environment to attend the Vernissage, today Friday January 20th from 17.00 – 21.00. Water will be pouring over the streets, and then I’ll experience the water and urban photography. The show is at *Galerie 16b and runs till the Finnisage on January 27th.

*Galerie 16b
Ausstellungsstrasse 16
8005 Z├╝rich

2 thoughts on “Dancing with Water & Urban Affairs – Ethan Oelman Zurich Show

  1. ejdalise says:

    Were I not busy today, and 8,000 miles away, it sounds like an interesting show.

    Maybe next time.

  2. Mark says:

    When you convert to km it's not so bad, or, no, then it's worse…12,874 km…if I have a show I'll make all augmented reality and then it won't matter where you are.

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