Current Projects

The Formers

The Formers is a local Zurich band I’m currently working with. I developed a portrait concept with the musicians for promotional material and have covered their live performances and jam sessions in the studio. My desire on this project was to create an image concept which brings together the band members but allows their individual personalities to be highlighted. These portraits are slightly desaturated, and high definition.

Web Portraits Zurich

I got interested in the Zurich startup scene in 2009 when I attended the first Swiss Startup Camp in Basel. As I got to know more people around Zurich I thought it would be an idea to do a photo project on the people behind the cool internet technologies coming out of Switzerland. I opened a project on and am still in the process of designing portrait sessions for different individuals and companies. For each portrait I meed with the individuals or companies and we design a visual concept based around the personalities involved and as well with the focus of the startup.

Schmoolz Dry Tooling

Schmoolz are designed to allow ice climbing indoors at climbing gyms. I got involved with Schmoolz after reviewing the dry tools on my blog, and then developed an image concept for the product. Schmoolz Climber Duality is the concept I came up with, which combines an ice climber mountaineer with an indoor gym climber with the Schmoolz. This duality image is featured on the Schmoolz website and also on promotional posters.


I wrote a short novel that I titled, Revolt from the Single Table. In conjunction with this I started developing an online marketing program based around combining some main text from the book and portraits of women. This is being extended to online viral videos that will be short movies for the book. My primary goal is to create video poetry pieces that communicate the essence of the novel in 2 minutes or less. The video aspect is currently in pre-production.

ArtMord KunstDeath

After I started painting I began thinking about the process of creation and the birth of ideas. KunstMord or ArtDeath is a concept where the artist destroys his work to set her soul free to creat new things, which are not biasd by any specific movement or past work. I’m designing a photo project around this concept showing artists destroying their work, either physically with blowtorches and axes, or by mass reproduction.

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