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I had a will to be weird on one Friday night, which for me entails not wearing sandals and trading in the climbing jacket for a blazer. The decision process took about a half hour. First, I was thinking of the black DKNY jacket, but it didn’t go with the dark blue (2% Kevlar Polo Sport) jeans that I wanted to wear (plus it felt a bit too stiff and dressy). The green corduroy Levi safari jacket was promising, but I wanted something lighter, and although I kinda liked looking like a Beetle wanabe-reject, it was too dark to wear the sunglasses which would have been necessary to complete the ensemble. I finally settled on the Alagash olive green travel jacket with leather elbows and no shoulder inserts. At this point my sister is probably asking the same question she asked me when I was showing her my Purple Doc Marten combat boots, “are you sure you’re not gay?” Underneath I wore a dark-stripped white H&M button-down shirt. There was gel in my hair and high-gloss Dr. Martins on the feet. Around my neck I wrapped a Sakes 5th Ave. scarf my mom probably paid less than 1$ for 10 years ago at some second hand store in Michigan – but something was missing.

Grid spot on face, back light FujiGA

To complete the look I tied on a bright red tie (also H&M). The scarf covered up the top of the tie so as not too look to pretentious (who wears a tie outside of work?), and the bright redness of it peaked out nicely over the top of my stomach when I pulled the jacket back and put my hands in the jeans pockets. After all, how else is one supposed to casually walk through Zurich on a fine fall evening? I call this my laid-back but dressed up. Cutting but comfortable. After all, clothes are unnatural if you’re not comfortable in them – costumes are only for Mardis Gras and Halloween. Otherwise you just seem like a trend-jailed fool trying to look cool but all the while projecting a feeling of uneasy make-believe. Ineffective and sad to look at.

Better tie lighting large

I’m sometimes shy and it takes some motivation for me to get up the courage to be comfortable and wear a blazer-type jacket in public – but I also sleep on glaciers, and I had a Will to be Weird. Sometimes you have to face the fear of looking foolish when going out in a fashion nebulus of the world (like Zurich). But really, if you do it with fearless confidence it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing. Besides, life gets boring if you don’t take a few reasonable risks here and there every once in a while, and since I had no plans to galavant across mountain ridges this past weekend, the fashion risk would have to suffice to keep my senses peaked and primed to effectively handle whatever life would reveal.

11 thoughts on “Fashion Fool

  1. Sister says:

    No gay person I know spends that much time and energy planning an outfit.

    And, Amy, you haven't explained that photo . . .

  2. Mike says:


    I wish I had the patience to set up shots. I just go shoot things that are already set up.

  3. Melissa says:

    As a fashionista of sorts, I applaud your efforts and am very proud of your neo-grunge layered look. Very sexy–rugged with a sense of playfullness and a splash of savvy. *giggles* You did a great job!

    I'd love to run the Turkey Trot, and had in fact planned on doing so. But I pulled a ligament in my knee from the half (well, maybe it was the half, then taking two days off, then working three 8-hour days in the store in 3 inch heels and then going to the gym and running 6 miles each of the days…but who knows. just a theory 🙂 ). I've been ordered off my legs–no exercise involving my lower body whatsoever. IT SUCKS! I'm going crazy with all this extra energy I'm used to pounding into the pavement. Can't wait to see you, though!

  4. rai says:

    you clean up real good boy. 🙂

    and weird implies purple combat boots with green stripey knee socks and orange short shorts…which are not in evidence. awaiting the next weird fashion fit.

  5. Mark says:

    Sister, the story behind the photo is that Amy had some cool Halloween party at her place in Chicago, and that was her excellent costume.

    Mike, thanks for catching the DNYK – DKNY mistake. We should do some flash experimenting, off camera flashes with Ebay radio triggers are awesome.

    Melissa, "Neo-grunge layered," I like that word combo, we should go shopping sometime. Sorry to hear about your injuries, sounds like you're really pushing those physical limits.

    Rai, ah, while it's true that the Purple combat boots come out once in a while, I think my thighs are too fat for stripped knee socks and orange short shorts, but I could for sure see knee length shorts. Maybe the boots will come out in December.

  6. Erica says:

    Saying that it was a halloween costume doesn't exactly answer my question. What was she dressed up as?

  7. Mark says:

    Ok, this is reminding me of when Jerry Garcia died and you were like, "who?" She's Carrie, as in the main character from the film called Carrie.

  8. Kate says:

    LOVE IT! 🙂

    Safe travels for Thanksgiving! Wish I got to see you! Ahhh. There's always Thailand!

  9. Laura says:

    Hi Mark

    Very Eurolicious! 😉

    The look works for you, although I picture you in an urban chic leather shoe in place of the Doc's. It's ironic to me that you just posted this – yesterday I had the same dilemma over a new hat; cream, small brim, large satin black band around it with a decorative black feather rosette. After trying it on twice and decided I can pull it off.

    Maybe someday we can plan a swiss shopping trip together!! 🙂

  10. Amy says:

    oh, the photo – It was my Halloween costume. I was Carrie (from the movie Carrie). I didn't have it in me to actually dump a bucket of fake blood all over me, so I put it on a little more sparingly. I have a good recipe for fake blood, by the way, in case in anyone is interested.

    Mark – you look very dashing. I feel like a slob in comparison. Am I gonna get to see you over Thanksgiving? I can't make it back to Michigan due to work. 🙁

  11. fashion says:

    I think my thighs are too fat for stripped knee socks and orange short shorts, but I could for sure see knee length shorts. Maybe the boots will come out in December.

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