Piotr Soluch – Web Portraits Zurich

The latest addition to the Web Portraits Zurich project is Pitor Soluch, he just opened his web design business in Zurich, and I photographed in my new studio space in Hedingen. I hadn’t worked many projects lately, between moving out and moving in and running a few marathons I didn’t find a lot of time to organize any shoots or projects this summer. I met Piotr at a few web gatherings in Zurich like Web Monday, and we also ran into one another at the 2011 Swiss Startup camp in Basel. He’s an intricate designer with that required attention to detail that makes the difference between a professional site, and the ones that I throw together. For the shoot be came by with cookies and Polish beer. This was a fantastic combination and the shoot went smoothly for both of us.

I wanted to get back to fine painterly shadows and images with a dramatic feeling. This included lighting Piotr with some CreativeLight strip boxes from behind either shoulder, a Metz MZ40 in a beauty dish from the front and LastoLite TriLite reflectors from the front. I then pulled in some textures from Rome and the abandoned hospital of Beelitz, just outside of Berlin. There’s no substitute for fantastic texture images. I’ll walk around a city for hours shooting walls and the streets and then maybe not use them till a year later. They add something you never expected when the shoot started.

5 thoughts on “Piotr Soluch – Web Portraits Zurich

  1. Tyng Tan says:

    i have a great fascination on photography and web designing. i am starting now a photo blog and seeing young people making names on this industry, i am really inspired.

  2. Susan Swiss says:

    I started my own web design business 2-years ago. I`d been doing freelance web design on the side of my full-time job – and after getting sacked from that job, decided to make a go of it full time. I established a limited company and set about trading as a full-time web design agency. it not easy from the start, but hearing from you guys, makes me realize, oh yeah! i make it through.

  3. Barb Smith says:

    Great use of background textures. I'm impressed (and confused) as to how you got a photograph to look so much like a painting, though.

  4. Ranj says:

    Amazing photo of Piotr, who I've known over 5 years!
    You have a true artist's ability to capture both the person and the personality…

  5. boltz_mann says:

    Thanks, he was fun to shoot with, and he brought beer and cookies to the shoot!

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